The Mad Hatter is in the House!


The Mad Hatter’s Workbook

A Whimsical Guide to Self-Editing Apps

The Mad Hatter's Self-Editing Workbook

* Speed up your self-editing process


* Boost the fun-factor when editing your manuscript


* Embrace your writing style, quirks and all 


* Take a playful tour of three top self-editing tools

* Discover the right self-editing tool for you


* Find ways around the limitations of editing apps

This whimsical workbook will help you:

  • Develop a fresh approach to the self-edit that emphasizes your style..
  • Choose the right software apps to complete your self-edit faster.
  • Fine-tune your editing process for maximum results with less effort.
  • Preserve your style and voice while maximizing readability.

Who is this for?


This guide is for …

  • Writers of book-length content
  • Writers who want to get the self-edit done fast
  • Writers who enjoy adding playfulness to their work
  • Career writers who want to become better at their craft


This guide is not for …

  • Writers who avoid using tech tools
  • Writers who find whimsy annoying
  • Writers who are self-editing experts 
  • Writers who are happy with their self-editing process

Are you ready to jump into a funner and faster way to self-edit?


Here’s what you’ll find inside:

What is Self-Editing Software?

The Role of Self-Editing Software

Grammarly, the White Rabbit’s Punctuality Proofer

Cheat Sheets

ProWritingAid, the Mad Hatter’s Cup of Tea

AutoCrit, the Cheshire Cat’s Narrative Navigator

The Editor’s Flow


The Mad Hatter’s Workbook: A Whimsical Guide to Self-Editing Apps


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Hi, there. I’m Sandi, the Editor-in-Residence at Self-Edited Writer. After twenty-five years as a professional editor, I’m now helping writers learn to edit their own work.

Maybe you dread self-editing because you anticipate boring, never-ending drudgery. Maybe you’re ready for a new way to polish your manuscript.

If so, this workbook is for you.

I created Self-Edited Writer to help writers like you polish their manuscripts without tearing their hair out in the process.

The Mad Hatters Workbook is the first step to creating a self-editing process that helps you finish quickly while retaining your style and personality.

If you’re ready to break away from self-editing drudgery and harness the speed of tech tools to polish your creations, click that red button below.

“I learned how to write better.”

Because of my editor, Sandi Corbitt-Sears, and my writing coach, Bruce McAllister, I developed more than blind faith in myself. I learned how to write better and how to prepare for agents and publishers, which eventually allowed me to share this book with the public.

Betty Auchard

Author of Dancing in My Nightgown, Living with Twelve Men, The Home for the Friendless, and Posing Naked