Attention Storytellers:

Are you baffled by the concept of showing rather than telling?




Show versus Tell

Your guide for connecting with readers and engaging their emotions.

Are you ready to get (and keep) your readers’ attention?

♦ Learn to recognize instances of telling

♦ Discover the situations that require showing

♦ Understand when telling is the better choice

♦ Create rich descriptions with a simple technique

Avoid common pitfalls when showing

♦ Transform telling to showing with confidence

It’s easier than you might think.

Do these describe the way you think about showing and telling?

It takes too long

Once you have a way to uncover instances of telling and know how/when to convert them into showing, the process speeds up.

It's too complicated

The process does take practice, but that’s true of most things worth doing. Once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature.

I'm not good at descriptions

If you can imagine it, you can write it. Visualize the action, identify the components, and give them a voice. Voila! You have a rich description.

How will the Show versus Tell guide help me?

Build Confidence

You’ll learn to tell the difference between showing and telling, once and for all. Knowing when telling is appropriate and when showing is essential for the best results gives you a solid foundation.

Write Rich Descriptions

Rich descriptions help readers connect with your words. When readers become invested in your words, they’re one step closer to becoming raving fans.

Convert Telling to Showing

Discover helpful techniques to give you insight into writing rich descriptions for each situation. Access tools to simplify the process and find the best words to connect to your readers’ emotions.

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Hi, there. I’m Sandi, the Editor-in-Residence at Self-Edited Writer. I’ve been editing content and manuscripts for more than twenty-five years.

I created Self-Edited Writer to help authors and content creators polish their own projects without tearing their hair out in the process.

Showing vs telling seems to be a common concern for many writers. It’s not that they can’t write to show or that they don’t write well. The issue is typically a lack of awareness regarding when it’s okay to tell and when showing is required. If you’re not confident about your show-abilities, this guide is for you.

Show versus Tell will help you find instances of telling, determine which can stay in place, and know how to transform the rest into descriptions that will invite readers into the narrative.

If you’re ready to nail the concept of showing and telling, click that red button below.

Normal price $27.  

I love how Sandi finds words that take my writing to the next level without changing my voice. It is an incredible gift.

Daphne Michaels: Thought Leader and Coach