Calling All Book Writers!

Do you put off self-editing because you don’t know where to start?  




Prepare for Self-Editing Success

Your step-by-step guide to setting up the self-editing process for a productive outcome

⇒ Overcome “where-do-I-start” syndrome.


⇒ Give dread and doubt the boot.


⇒ Gain control over the self-editing process.


⇒ Set yourself up for a productive self-edit.


⇒ Take charge of the system and make it your own.

In this 14-page guidebook, you will:

Develop a productive approach to the self-edit that suits your needs and preferences.

Set up a filing system to make your manuscript versions accessible and easy to manage.

Choose the right tools and resources to complete the self-edit with a minimum of fuss and angst.

Learn what to track, how to track it, and why it’s important to track at all.

Schedule your self-edit for maximum efficiency.

Are you ready to start polishing that manuscript so you can get it to your readers?


Here’s what you’ll find inside:

The decisions to make before you begin the self-edit.

A sample filing system for organizing revisions.

Eight suggested tools to add power to your self-edit.

Links to six digital tools for spicing up the tracking process.

Ideas for creating your own self-edit time management.

Checklist with steps for a smooth self-edit.



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Hi, there. I’m Sandi, the Editor-in-Residence at Self-Edited Writer.

Maybe you think self-editing is difficult, that it’s too complicated. Maybe you’re ready to dive in, but you just don’t know where to begin.

If so, this guide is for you.

I created Self-Edited Writer to help writers like you polish their manuscripts without tearing their hair out in the process.

Prepare for Self-Editing Success is the first step to getting the results you want from your self-editing efforts.

If you’re ready to polish so you can publish sooner rather than later, click that red button below.


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