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Do you need an easier way to self-edit your projects?

Do you write emails, blog posts, or articles? Did you know you can:

♦ Learn to self-edit them quickly and efficiently?
♦ Discover the benefits of preparing effectively?
♦ Create a repeatable self-editing system?
♦ Turn stumbling blocks into building blocks?
♦ Gain confidence in your self-editing skills?

Yes, you can! Learn how.

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Do any of these describe your ideas about self-editing?

It takes too long.

Once you create a repeatable system for self-editing your content, your speed will pick up. You might even go from snail to roadrunner!

It's too complicated

Any project that includes multiple steps seems complex at first. With know-how and practice on your side, you’ll gain confidence and rock the process.

I'll lose my unique style

After you learn to self-edit effectively, you’ll still choose what you say and how you say it, but your writing will gain clarity and power.

What Can Self-Editing for Content Creators Do for You?

It’s a Repeatable System

Self-editing is a hands-on, brain-in-gear activity. Just like writing. But you don’t have to go it alone. This guidebook can give you a solid platform and provide the tools to create a system that works for you.

It’s an Effective Process

You can become a word-polishing master. Clear the clutter and untangle the prose. Then your words, your style, and your message can move to the center of the stage. Isn’t that where they belong?

Hi, there. I’m Sandi, the Editor-in-Residence at Self-Edited Writer. I’ve been editing content and manuscripts for more than twenty-five years.

Self-Editing for Content Creators will help you streamline the self-editing process and enjoy a quick turnaround on all your writing projects.

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I love how Sandi finds words that take my writing to the next level without changing my voice. It is an incredible gift.

Daphne Michaels

Thought Leader & Coach, DaphneMichaels.com