Are you ready to master the self editing process and feel confident about publishing your manuscript?

If so, this just might be what you’re looking for.

Frustrated writer at laptop

Are you tired of having thoughts like these?


  • I feel defeated every time I try to edit my manuscript. How am I supposed to know what problems I’ve missed or what I’ve done wrong?
  • I’m terrible at grammar. I should have paid more attention in school because I keep rewriting sentences and getting nowhere. My manuscript gets worse instead of better. Help!
  • I dread self-editing so much that I tossed my manuscript into a drawer and slammed it shut. That was six months ago, but I keep thinking about all the work I put into writing it, and I don’t want to give up.
  • I’m a writer, not an editor. How am I supposed to do this?

It’s okay. Help is on the way.

Hey, I get it.


 I’m an editor, and you might think an editor has never been where you are right now. 

I wasn’t born knowing how to edit manuscripts. It took years of practice. 

Even then, editing my own work was challenging. 

After I created a system for tackling the editing process,
self-editing went from overwhelming to doable.

This system made all the difference for me in my own writing.

It’s also the system I now use when I edit my clients’ work. 

I’m confident this can work for you too.

 You’ve got this.

I trust Sandi’s judgment

I totally trust your judgment. Nobody does grammar like you do!

Lisa Douthit


Sandi Corbitt-Sears

Sandi Corbitt-Sears

Editor-in-Residence at Self-Edited Writer


Hello! I’m Sandi, the editor behind Level Up Your Self-Editing Skills.

I’ve been a professional editor for more than twenty-five years, so I know the challenges of reviewing all those beautiful words you’ve written.

I’ve also witnessed the joy writers feel when they see their edited manuscript in all its glory!

Some writers are not ready to hire a professional editor, especially when they’re starting out (and truth be told, not all of them need to).

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help writers become the best self-editors they can be.

Do you want to become a capable self-editor?

By learning to self-edit with confidence and competence, you can not only produce cleaner manuscripts but become a better word-crafter in the process.

Are you up for the challenge?

Level Up Your
Self-Editing Skills.

The Level Up Your Self-Editing Skills guidebook is designed to escort you step-by-step through the process of editing your manuscript. 

After you’ve completed each step, moving full circle through all four self-editing levels, your manuscript will be fully self-edited.

Imagine holding your edited manuscript in your hands.

You know what comes next, don’t you? You ask everyone you know to read it. (Just kidding.)

The next step is publishing your book!

None matched Sandi’s skill

I’ve worked with five editors on various projects, and none of them match Sandi’s skill, knowledge, and cooperative style. She does more than edit; she works with the author.

Betty Auchard


Level Up Your Self-Editing Skills includes:


Self-editing tips

Prepare for the Journey

Eight tips for a successful


Set up your process

Get Started

Where to start and how to
finish strong


Level 1: Manuscript

Content and Flow

Five steps to help your content flow smoothly


Level 2: Chapter

Word Usage and Accuracy

Five steps for using words to make the right impact.


Level 3: Paragraph

Grammar and Style

Five steps to make reading smooth and easy for readers.


Level 4: Sentence


Five steps to ensure the reader gets your meaning.


Helpful Resources

Editing Apps

Four suggested apps for easier self-editing.


Self-Editing Checklist

Track Your Progress

Step-by-step checklist to keep you on track.

I am in awe

Thank you, again, for all of the hard work you put into making my book the best it could be. I am still in awe over the wonderful changes we were able to produce together.

Jolene Lavine


This is a good fit for you if:


  • You want to publish your manuscript instead of hiding it in a drawer.
  • You want to become not only a good self-editor but a better writer.
  • You’re willing to put in the time to make your manuscript publish-worthy.
  • You enjoy having a system to help you get started and keep you on track.
  • You’re ready to experiment with a system and tweak it to fit your personal style.

 This may not be the solution for you if:


  • You haven’t started writing your manuscript yet.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix.
  • You can’t devote at least an hour a day to self-edit your manuscript.
  • You don’t like trying new methods.
  • You avoid any kind of system, preferring instead to fly by the seat of your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this system work for blog posts?

It sure does. You can condense some of these steps, as you don’t have to handle multiple chapters, but the process is the same.

Does learning to self-edit mean I’ll never have to hire a professional editor?

If you follow all the steps and take the time to do a thorough job of self-editing, it’s likely your manuscript will be publish-ready. Nevertheless, several variables will affect the final product, including your writing ability, experience, and confidence level. For that reason, I recommend that new writers ask at least two beta readers to read through their manuscripts. Hiring a proofreader is also a wise investment for most writers, as two sets of eyes are more likely to catch issues. 

Do you have to be good at grammar to self-edit?

While any writing task is easier when you have a solid background in grammar, the “Level-Up” system is structured to help you improve your skills as you progress through each step.

Does this system work for any genre?

The system works for any writing genre, with the possible exception of poetry. Poems operate within their own unique set of guidelines.

Do I have to buy software or apps to use the system?

I recommend a few programs that I find helpful, but a free version or a free trial is available for each of them.

Do I have to have a finished manuscript for this to work?

To complete the manuscript level, you do. However, you can work on a chapter-by-chapter basis as well and handle the manuscript portion of the self-edit when all the chapters have been written and edited.

Do you offer refunds?

Because this is a digital product, I do not offer refunds. I value your satisfaction, so I’m happy to help you achieve your writing goals. Use the contact form below to let me know your concerns.

A wonderfully talented editor

Sandi is a wonderfully talented editor. Her patience and practical approach were precisely what this book needed in order to come alive

Scott Franko


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