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How Do You Feel About:

  • Your Writing Skills?

  • Your Self-Editing Skills?

  • Your Ability to Find and Fix Issues?

Would You Like to Feel:

  • Validated?

  • Confident?

  • Competent?


Do you ask yourself:

How Do I know When It's Ready?

Even when you muster the confidence and motivation to start the self-edit, do you have no idea when (or if) you’ve done enough?

What Am I Missing?

Do you second-guess yourself, questioning every edit you make? Do you make changes and then change your mind about them?

What Am I Doing Well?

Have you read a page and thought, “I like it, but is it good enough? Will readers like it?” Do you wonder if what you write is worth publishing?

 If your answer to any of the above was “yes,” you might benefit from a

Professional Editor’s (gentle) Assessment of your writing.

What Is an Editor’s Assessment?

Imagine hiring an editor, but she doesn’t do the editing for you. Instead, she shows you how to turn your strengths as a writer into building blocks and minimize your stumbling blocks at the same time. In other words, she provides a personalized road map to self-editing everything you write.

That’s what an editor’s assessment offers you. First, of course, this editor would review several pages of writing to understand your strengths and areas that need improvement. Then she would use what she learns about your writing skills and habits to create a detailed report and supporting materials, including a sample edit.

So who does the assessment? That would be me, Sandi Corbitt-Sears. I’m a professional editor with more than twenty-five years of experience editing books, articles, web content, blog posts, and newsletters. I’ve worked with a variety of writers. I know what to look for and how to provide helpful feedback.

Allow two weeks from the time you submit your writing sample for personal, handcrafted report, designed to help you elevate your writing so that your readers become delighted fans.

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Schedule the assessment.

Claim a spot on my Assessment calendar by clicking the red “I’m want an Editor’s Assessment” button toward the bottom of this page. Pay the fee, and I’ll send an email with the next available time slot.


Step 2: Submit your writing sample.

The email will include instructions for submitting your sample. Between 2,000 and 5,000 words produces the best results. Please select a writing sample related to the type of writing you do most.


Step 3: Watch for your report.

After I receive your sample, I will review it in detail, create a personalized report, perform a sample edit of approximately 500 words, and send you a download link for all materials. Assessments take about two weeks.


Step 4: Review your report and the other materials.

Read your assessment report and additional materials. Email me with any questions that pop up. We can arrange an optional Zoom meeting if desired.

What’s Included?

Detailed Report

The report describes your strengths as a writer and offers suggestions for maximizing your existing skills. The areas in need of attention are identified, and each will include an explanation, sample rewrites of selected sentences, and a strategy for finding and fixing those issues in the future.

Customized List of Self-Editing Resources

You’ll receive a list of free and paid resources to reduce the amount of time needed to locate issues and simplify the self-editing process. Each item on the list addresses one or more of your focus areas.

Sample Edit

A sample edit helps you discover alternate ways to express your ideas or write a story without compromising your personal style. Depending on your material and writing habits, you’ll see suggestions for rewording, sentence structure variations, and/or spelling and punctuation corrections.

Personalized Self-Editing Roadmap and Checklist

The roadmap takes you step-by-step from draft to done and includes specific tips for your needs. The checklist serves as a tracking system for each piece of content. Together, the roadmap and checklist will help you self-edit everything you write simpler and easier.

I’m always amazed at how your slight rearrangements and itty bitty changes bring my stories alive.

Betty Auchard


Sandi is a wonderfully talented editor.

Scott Franko



What are your qualifications to do an editing assessment?

I have edited books (fiction and nonfiction), reports, graduate theses, resumes, website content, business publications, newsletters, feature articles, blog posts, and grant proposals for more than twenty-five years. I’ve done my fair share of freelance writing and ghostwriting as well. 

Do you offer a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this service, I do not offer refunds after you have received your report. I will, however, provide a refund if you request it before you sent your sample.

How soon will I get my assessment?

From the time I receive your writing sample to the time I email you the download link will typically take between one and two weeks. If you have any concerns, you can email me at any time for an update.

Will the assessment make it easier for me to self-edit my work?

Each writer’s habits and native abilities differ, so I cannot quantify results for each person. However, in my experience with past clients, becoming aware of self-editing areas for improvement and learning to manage them does simplify the process. Most writers repeat the same errors rather than exhibiting new ones with each project. For that reason, identifying/managing your weak spots does reduce editing time and effort.

 Full price $297.

On sale for $197 for a limited time.
First come, first served.

I have provided assessments for prospective editing clients, but this is the first time I’ve offered these to the general public. Get your assessment before the introductory discount expires and the fee goes to full price!

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