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Hello! Are you a writer? A blogger? An author?

Would you like to Self-Edit your work with clarity, confidence, and creativity?

Excellent! Our goal at the Self-Edited Writer is to help you do just that.

When you become a capable self-editor, you:

    • discover and embrace your writing strengths.

    • learn to kick your self-editing stumbling blocks to the curb.

    • elevate your writing skills to a new level.

    • publish with confidence, knowing your work is in great shape.

    • delight readers with well-edited books, posts, and articles they’ll love to read.

Edit Lady

How Does Effective Self-Editing Help You?

Self-editing reduces editing cost and time

Editors and proofreaders typically charge by the word or page. By reducing repetition, redundancy, and filler words, self-editing produces more compact manuscripts. When done well, the process also decreases the amount of editing required because there are fewer mistakes to correct.

Self-editing improves your writing skills

Writing and editing skills are naturally intertwined, and both come from a familiarity with the guidelines. A reliable grasp of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is a valuable tool, along with a well-stocked vocabulary. Learning to self-edit teaches you to write more succinctly and effectively.

Self-editing lets you self-publish with confidence

If you choose to self-publish, you may be able to skip hiring an editor, although a beta reader or proofreader are valuable assets. They have the objectivity to catch errors you may overlook due to your familiarity with the manuscript.

Self-editing helps you delight your readers

Readers love a well-edited book because it makes reading effortless and rewarding. That’s a must if you want to transform readers into steadfast fans who eagerly await your next creation. Happy readers also tend to share their enthusiasm for your work with others.

What’s the Process?

STEP 1: Join the Resource Room

Sign up for our email list (aka the Self-Editing Resource Room) and receive free content to sharpen your self-editing skills. Learn from weekly tips, quizzes, cheat sheets, checklists, mini-lessons, and more! You’ll also score subscriber-only discounts on upcoming courses and guidebooks, including Level Up Your Self-Editing Skills.

STEP 2: Discover the Self-Editing System

Master a step-by-step system for self-editing your manuscript (or your blog posts and articles). The path to self-editing success involves optimizing your strengths and turning your stumbling blocks into building blocks. You’ll start with a tested process that will help you identify what to enhance and what to transform.


STEP 3: Leverage Editing Software for Quick Wins

Objectivity is the key to getting solid results from your self-editing efforts. With editing software as an objective partner, you’ll spot potential issues you might never discover on your own. Learn how and when to implement apps for the best results. Even better, you’ll discover how to transform and elevate everything you write.


STEP 4: Prepare to Publish with Confidence

Identify and access resources to polish the skills you need most. Master new abilities. Gain newfound confidence. Unlock your transformative powers and become a competent self-editor. Create a personalized self-editing system that works for you and grows with you no matter what (or how) you choose to publish. 


Edit Lady

Hello! I’m Sandi, the Editor-in-Residence at Self-Edited Writer.

As a professional editor for more than twenty-five years, I’ve learned a few things about the craft of writing and the art of editing.

Although I have a solid background in the rules of grammar and sentence structure, I focus equally on the stories writers tell and the ideas they share.

I delight in helping writers develop the skills, confidence, and creativity to self-edit their work so their unique style shines through everything they write!

My belief is that self-editing can be rewarding and enjoyable. All it takes is a bit of skill, a dash of creativity, and a can-do attitude.  

I’ve worked with five editors on various projects, and none of them match Sandi’s skill, knowledge, and cooperative style. She does more than edit; she works with the author.

Betty Auchard


Sandi is a wonderfully talented editor. Her contribution to this book was tremendous, and I thank her beyond what words can describe.

Scott Franko


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